Nigel – Your Local Friendly Pet Sitter

Pets Homes & Gardens in Bognor Regis & Chichester is run by Nigel Fitzsimmons who, over the years has owned many precious pets. Being an animal lover himself, he understands just how treasured and important our furry family friends are.

pet sitting and day careToday, many owners demand specialist care and attention for their pets when they’re not able to look after them be it because they are going on a holiday, a business trip, or simply because they have a hectic lifestyle. People will understandably go to great lengths to ensure their animals are always in a caring and loving environment. That’s where Nigel and the services he offers fits perfectly with these needs.

Previously, like many other pet owners, he was often faced with the tricky dilemma of what to do when going away. “I’ve owned and cared for cats and dogs as well as other small animals all my life and decided that this was such an obvious choice for me; feeling able to make a success of doing something I’m so passionate about.”

home pet sitting

Nigel offers various services of the pet-care sector covering the whole of the Bognor Regis and Chichester areas including dog boarding, creching and walking, plus small animal boarding, cat and small animal home visits as well as all types of home services large and small from plant watering, opening and closing curtains to short and longer term house-sitting.

“Pet owners need to feel secure in knowing that when they are at work or on holiday, their pets are left in safe hands and that they are regarded as important and treasured as they should be.

“People need the reassurance that they can depend on the support of someone kind-hearted and a true animal-lover. Above all, it’s important that pets are safe, happy and content and owners can rest assured that their loveable, furry friends are being cared for by someone they can fully trust.”

Nigel has cared for 2 cats of his own since they were just 8 weeks old. The sisters are now 12 and have lived the high life, being well and truly pampered pets.

So for Nigel it was an obvious step to become part of the PHG team, allowing him to provide his love of animals and pet care experience through a range of dedicated professional services.

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