House Sitting

House and Pet Sitter

house and home sitting locationTo get ultimate peace of mind when going away on holiday or business, many people now look to home sitters to ‘live in’ and take away all the stress of leaving your home empty and your animals away from their safe and trusted environment.

Having travelled ourselves, we know just how worrying it can be when you’re not there, so let us take away all that stress and let you concentrate on what’s important, whether it’s relaxing on the beach or focussing on business and work.

Why Use a Home Sitter

There are many excellent reasons such as:

  • Allows your pets to remain in their familiar surroundings and following normal routines
  • Deters burglars, squatters and vandals
  • Guards against frost and weather damage
  • Keeps your home aired and lived-in
  • Allows your garden to be kept in good order
  • Meet insurance criteria
  • May secure reduced insurance premiums
  • Potentially reduces boarding/cattery etc. costs

Tell Us What You Need

To ensure that we have a full brief, we will ask you details about your home, pets, and discuss security considerations and domestic and gardening duties. Everything is considered as we want your departure and return home as easy as possible.

Where home sitting is required, clients normally have a long list of questions they want to feel confident about, and Nigel notes “Questions range from what experience I have, to what happens if they are delayed getting back, and the easiest way to satisfy these enquiries is to meet face to face and go through everything required.”

Security and Safety

As a professional pet and house sitter, I have been meticulously vetted and have had a DBS check performed, am proficiently trained and experienced in both home sitting and looking after an enormous variety of pets and animals, am a member of a professional organisation, am a home owner myself and seen as trusted member of my local community.

To get more details about Nigel or discuss the exact service he provides, please either phone or use the contact form displayed on each page.

Occupied House + Contented Pets = Peace of Mind

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