Pet Sitting Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the answers below, but if you have other questions let me know

Isn’t using a pet-sitting service a lot more expensive?
No – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and in fact if you’ve multiple animals it will probably cost less! Also, as pet owners ourselves, we’re more concerned about getting high quality care for our pets when we’re away – we want them to be safe, happy and content, so if this costs a little bit more, our pets are worth it – we’re not going to simply look for the cheapest way of having them looked after. The fastest way to judge what’s best for your pet is to give us a call and see what you think.
How can I decide if you are right for my pet?
We offer a free initial meeting where we come and meet you and your pets as we want to ensure that you are 100% happy before registering with us. We like to hear all about them and understand their personalities and needs. We can discuss our services and answer any questions you may have. You can also see our certificates and testimonials from other clients.
What experience do you have?
Over the years, we’ve owned or looked after a great variety of animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea-pigs, hamsters, birds, fish etc. – even a stick insect! We love our pets and with the experience we have, we are very confident and happy around all types of animals.
What professional insurances do you hold?
PHG is a professional organisation and as a member I am fully insured and have been police checked, and both are available for inspection when we meet. Also, I have been trained in home security e.g. your keys are coded and do not have any identification to you or your house etc.
What’s the main difference your pet sitting service provides?
Personal care and trust. You’re leaving your pets, animals that are very dear to you, in the care of someone else and you have to trust this person will look after them as you would yourself. Plus, the feedback we receive from clients suggests that their pets are far happier and more content with this solution rather than say kennels, catteries etc.
Are you able to let me know how my pet is whilst I’m away?
Yes! We are happy to email or text you confirming all is well, or alternatively call for an instant update.
What happens if my return is delayed?
Don’t worry! Please let us know as soon as possible and we will make all the necessary arrangements to continue to care for your pets.
Can you board/look after….. ?
You’ll never know until you ask – just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll get straight back to you.
What happens if my pet falls ill whilst away?
Yes, unfortunately this does very occasionally happen, but because your pet is getting special care and attention, any illness is nearly always picked up quickly and acted upon immediately. Our first priority is always your pet and we will take whatever action is required to ensure their well-being – we will always err on the side of caution, because that’s what we would demand for our pets. As part of our procedures, we always note detailed instructions on how to manage this situation.
Are you able to administer medication to my pets?
Yes, that’s not a problem, provided we have your written permission and full instructions.
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